Monday, July 13, 2009

Smooth as a Baby's Bottom

As with any baby you will always have the inevitable diaper rash. We were buying expensive tubes of name brand baby rash ointment that were $4.00 plus a little tube. And they weren't always working or were taking several days to clear up my baby's bottom. Well, we were at my mom's house and had forgotten the rash ointment and Annaliese was getting a bad rash. My sister recommended Cornstarch. We used it then and by the next morning her rash was all gone!! We have never used anything since. It works fast and is not a bunch of chemicals, it's an natural diaper rash fix. Plus it's cheaper at 2 boxes for $3.00 its a steal. I keep a little bowl of it on the changing table at all times.


  1. I figured that's who you got this idea from. It really does work!

  2. I am glad that it is working. Life is about getting back to the basics.