Sunday, July 19, 2009

mmmm... Fresh Baked Bread

You can smell that scent around the Schader Household often. We have stopped buying store breads. They are filled with preservatives to have a longer shelf life. Plus they cost anywhere from $2.50- $5.00 a loaf. We started making our own bread in the bread machine to save money and not eat as much "pre-prepared" foods. Of course Homemade bread tastes SO much better than store bought as well.

Try making your own bread, It doesn't take long to throw some ingredients into a bread machine and turn it on. A couple of hours later you have warm bread. Our machine even has a timer setting so I can put the ingredients in in the morning and set it to start 2 hours before dinner is ready so if I'm not home it will start itself.

I just follow the recipe that came in the booklet of my breadmachine, plus I add 4 tsp. of Wheat Gluten to the recipe to make my bread softer and not as heavy and dense.

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