Friday, September 18, 2009

Baby Shoes Giveaway!!

Go over to and enter to win some ADORABLE Bugaloo baby shoes! They are hand made leather shoes.
Even if you don't win check out the shoes because at $15 a pair they are too cute to pass up! You can't even buy Payless shoes for that much!
Shoes on the market comparable to these cost upwards from $30 - $50.
Beleive me, I know I have such a hard time finding shoes for Annaliese and have checked out every childrens shoe store I can find!
So got check them out and you might just win!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cornstarch Bay-Bay

I just wish you could have seen the absolute mess!! There was cornstarch EVERYWHERE!! Luckily, I was already planning on washing her cover on her changing pad.

Those of you who don't understand why she has cornstarch. We use it for diaper rashes. It is all natural and cheap! Plus it works like 10 times better than any store bought cream. I promise I used to buy "Butt Paste", one of the most expensive creams and it just didn't cut it.

House Renovations

(Annaliese and Caddie watching us lay tile)

We had a place in our kitchen floor that was getting soft and not to mention the UG-LAY laminate that was in our kitchen, so we redid our floor. We fixed the spot and layed some beautiful tile! Now we are carrying it on into the office. Here are some before pics and some of the work being done.
(Fixing the hole... Se the ugly laminate)

(Dad & I laying the tile)

(Finished Product)(More After)