Thursday, January 7, 2010

Catching up

Haven't blogged since September... WOW!!! I want to try and blog at least once a week this year. I love reading other people's blogs but I'm horrible at keeping up with my own. Anyways, short run through of the last 3 months:


For my birthday hubby bought me cake decorating classes. A major love of mine. If you only knew how much I watched Food network. These are just a few of my faves that I've done.

Annaliese also went Trick or Treating for the first time. She's the one in all the pink fluff... Can you find her?


We had Thanksgiving in the deer woods as always. And did nothing but eat and ride four wheelers :-)


This was a crazy month full of Christmas parties and family, but I loved every minute of it! Except for that it snowed and I couldn't go home Christmas day :-(

So that is just a brief look into what has been going on lately. I will be better at keeping up with this.... maybe :-0 LOL

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