Thursday, February 4, 2010

NNNNNNoooOOOOooo {as Annaliese says snow}

So last Friday we were blessed with yet another big snow ;-) And as many of you know Annaliese HATES snow. (Hate is a strong word, but I mean it very much) She really doesn't like to be in or close to the snow! Of course, Josh loves the snow and wants to play in it. So this is what you have to do to be able to help build a snowman:

Then when you do try to put her in the snow you get this:

Then she yells "holdju dada holdju":

It's cute and funny! (Is it bad that I find my child screaming wildly funny?)

Just in case your wondering (I;m sure you really care), *We* (read Josh) got the snowman up and this what he looks like, We named him Stewart Oliver Schader {SOS}
(Future boy name??)LOL JK:

Thankfully it's all almost melted now but wait, "oh no! what did Garrett Lewis (the weatherman) say? More snow possible this week? NNNNNNoooOOOOooo!!!!!"

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