Sunday, July 12, 2009

Are you on the Up&Up on diapers??

As a mom I am always on the search for good cheap diapers. I think every mom understands this. Well, as much as I would like to cloth diaper it was just not possible to do with Annaliese, maybe with the next one. Well, for a long while we were able to use diapers that were given to us as shower gifts and/or buy diapers with gift cards given as shower gifts. The last several months however we have had to buy our own. Even after using coupons and searching out the cheapest stores we were spending $30-$40 a month on diapers, and diapers come out of our grocery budget.

We were in target this past month because they were having a sale on a name brand that I had a coupon for, however, my husband happened to look over at the Target Brand "Up&UP" diapers and for a box of 96 size 3 diapers it is $13.49. This is around $4.00 cheaper than the next leading brand. So, we bought a small bag to try. I didn't wanna end up with a box of bad leaky diapers. I found that they are AWESOME!!!!

They work just as well as any leading brand I have ever used and I have used them all. I also like that they don't have cartoon characters on them. They have a cute dot print.

The pictures show a Target size 3 diaper compared to a Huggies size 4 (some that were gifts but she isn't in size 4 yet). As you can see, they are made basically the same. They are the same thickness and of basically the same quality.

I just wanted to share this so even if you don't have little ones in diapers you can pass this on to others you may now. It has been a great savings tip for our family!!


  1. Great find! Way to be on the look out for a bargin.

  2. Good job with finding these mom got some last night for Jady we have to pinch pennies all the time and she was very happy to save some money! Thanks for sharing!